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Dr. Brandi Casto

As a parent of three gifted children, I have first-hand experience navigating the challenges of home and school life. I use my decade of experience working and training in education, neuroscience, and pyschology to empower families to support their children's development across domains. Below, please see highlights of my clinical training, research experience, and work experience, or download my full curriculum vitae.


  • PhD in Clinical Psychology

  • Community Health Awareness Council work with adults, children, and families in Silicon Valley schools

  • Trained as a SENG facilitator (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) 


  • UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center

  • UCSF BrainLens

  • San Francisco Neuropsychologists

  • Certificate in Neuropsychology


  • Stanford Reading Brain Study

  • Teach for America

  • Special Education teacher

  • LSAT and SAT test-prep for adults and teens

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